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Our history

Who we are

We have proudly served our state, federal and general public for more than 20 years

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Thursday French toast

Don't miss out on our French toast breakfast. Served only as a breakfast special

Truly authentic Mexican food

Our Mexican food is truly authentic made from scratch the way is intended to be. Some of the competition claim they are authentic but honestly authentic does not come from a can

Chicken cordon bleu

Out cordon bleu is hand butterflied, roll by hand seasoned, breaded and fried in our kitchen never, p remade always fresh. Watch for it on our daily specials menu

Freshly baked pastries

Our croissants, muffins, scones and bagels are prepared by hand, proofed and baked in our ovens

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Play hard & Eat well

  • Phase 2, will be launched on July 19th. 2016 A La Carte Bar
  • Phase 3, will be lauched the final week of July. Our expansion of Proudly Serving Peets.
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About Us

Mission Statement

Staying true to our 21-year unwavering commitment of purchasing and preparing only the highest quality meats, cheese, breads and product on the market. To proudly server our loyal guests who deserve nothing less than the best. Whenever possible we purchase from long standing reputable suppliers who offer farm to fork products to ensure freshness and support our local farmer. As we evolve into the future we are raising our standard by offering only all natural, whole muscle clean label meats and cheeses. Fresh breads baked the night before we receive form Napa’s finest French Bakery.  This combined with our love and passion we put into every dish we prepare. We believe this clearly separates us from the large competition and franchises.   


We began as Golden Poppy Cafe in 1995. We open at the new Secretary of States office at 1500 N street. From there we moved to the Department of Justice Head quarters building. We have been there since December of 1999. We have proudly served our state, federal, local government employees along with member of the general public.

We began developing our web site back in 2002. This was primarily to allow our customers a place to learn about us. Along with an easily accessible place to see what's cooking for the week. In 2007 we launched our first Online order system. However it did not really work out. So in 2014 we felt it was time to reintroduce our Online order system once again. This has been a beneficial move for our customer who utilize this service.

The Present

With all of the competition in our surrounding are we are now in the planning stage of re-branding our company. As we become older and wiser we find ourselves easting healthier. This is why we are currently in the development stage of our new menu. We are looking at introducing a new deli line of much higher qualify meats, cheeses and breads. This is to up our game to the next level. I honestly feel our customer want and deserve the quality they can get. We have always striven to deliver this. In our industry if you are not evolving you are dieing.

Where we're going:

As most business owners I am always searching for a new venture. I have always wanted to own a nice sit down restaurant. This was one of my many dreams. However, as of yet I have not been able to achieve it. As many of you may know business ownership is not for the faint of heart. It requires a dedication and desire to succeed like you would not believe.

A special thank you

On behalf of our staff, my family and I would like to say a heart felt thank you for all of the years of support. It has always been an honor to be able to provide your food service needs. It's hard to believe for the past 21 years we've been in the state environment serving our State, Federal, local Government and general public. You as well as we have seen us all grow. Our children become adults and ourselves mature. Thank you for all the great moments. We look forward to many years to come.


Here are our current promotional club cards,

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