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As one of the first certified coffee roasters in Southern California. We've been pioneering organic, relationship-based, and sustainable coffee sourcing since the early '90s.

To us, coffee isn't "just coffee" but something very special instead. Coffee has a story, one that connects us to farmers and growers all around the world.


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Angus Beef


Out of 100 Angus cattle, only 12 make the best class of

Stock Yards Angus™ Beef world’s finest steaks. Our master butchers

prepare our expertly aged, well-marbled beef to maximize tenderness,

juiciness and rich beef flavor. Each steak is carefully inspected to

ensure Stock Yards Angus Beef highest standards are met before our

expert chefs prepare them to your exacting specifications. Enjoy the

taste of perfection!

Angus Beef Burgers


In our effort to bring our customers the highest quality you've come to expect. We are pleased to announce that we've been seviing our newest change for our beef patties. 

Cattlemen's All Natural Angus Chuck ground beef patties  fresh never frozen beef.  Makes a better tasting juicier burger. 

Fresh porduce


Since 1983 

ProPacific Fresh exists to serve our customers. We are committed to providing our customers with best-in-class products, individualized customer service and solutions-driven performance. We are innovative, responsive and driven by excellence in everything we do. 

Our new Artisan Deli Rolls



     Max’s Artisan Breads Inc. of Fresno, CA opened their doors in 2000 and quickly began providing to the valley’s demand for specialty breads.  Positioned in the agricultural capital has been a large benefit and plays an important role in keeping raw ingredients locally sourced such as; flour, grains, eggs, and honey.  As restaurant operators wanted to enhance their menus, Max’s continued to cultivate exceptional product lines of Gourmet Hamburger Buns, Sandwich Rolls, Sliced Loaves and beautiful table breads.

Brioche burger & dog buns


Why choose our hot dogs versed our competitors? 

We proudly serve Hebrew National Kosher all beef hot dogs. Served on our new Brioche hot dog bun. Creates the perfect lunch.